For Educators

Dear Educators:
The most joyful hours in my life as a children’s writer are spent meeting children and sharing stories! And I can’t wait to step away from my desk and stand in front of curious, happy faces!
I offer three different themes for presenting to children and I’m happy to tailor your pick(s) to suit grade level, class curriculum, or group size.

  1. THE YELLOW SUITCASE, A Mirrors, Windows, & Doors Experience: Picture book read aloud, a discussion on themes of loss, grief, immigrant life, and home, followed by hands on activities
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    The Yellow Suitcase Teacher’s Guide

  2. A STORY RECIPE WORKSHOP, Elements of Creative Writing: From idea seeds to story endings with samples, prompts, and exercises
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  3.  AUTHOR LIFE, BOOK JOURNEY: Overview of the book publishing process, my path to publication and beyond, and a read aloud of “The Yellow Suitcase”
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If you’re interested in having me visit your classroom or community, please fill out the form below.