Bijoy and the Big River copyBIJOY AND THE BIG RIVER
Meera Sriram & Praba Ram
Tulika Books, India
Bijoy’s father raises eri silkworms in their backyard and his mother spins yarn. One day, Bijoy is off with his father to the famed golden silk village of Sualkuchi across the big Brahmaputra! As we follow Bijoy on his first, exciting ferry ride, we see how the daily lives of people in Assam are intertwined closely with the grand old river, the Burha Luit. Facts, illustrations and photographs intersperse the quiet narrative.

Available at: Tulika Books (India), Tulika Books (USA), Kitaab World (USA)


Praba Ram & Meera Sriram
Mango Books, India
A red panda in India? And why is the world’s smallest pig almost extinct? Find answers to these and more in this beautifully illustrated picture book packed with fascinating facts about ten endangered animals and their varied habitats. Follow their lives as we travel from the snowy Himalayas down to the Indian Ocean; from the swampy Sundarbans on the east to the open plains on the west. Why are they threatened and what can we do about it? Filled with beautiful life-like illustrations and curious facts, this hard bound volume is an eye-opener to readers on the worrying state of India’s precious wildlife.

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Dinaben and the Lions of Gir_eng-tamil_cover.pmdDINABEN AND THE LIONS OF GIR
Meera Sriram & Praba Ram
Tulika Books, India
Dinaben is a Maldhari and her village is right in the middle of the Gir forest where the lions live. How does she live? What does she do? This book offers glimpses into the many aspects of life in the forest through simple text and photographs. Children will find it easy to follow the story in two languages.

Available atTulika Books (India), Tulika Books (USA), Kitaab World (USA)


Prabha Ram & Meera Sriram
Tulika Books, India
Subbu, the traffic signal, is tired of standing in the same place every day. But what does he hear when he starts moving

Available at: Pratham Books (India)