About Me

Madhubani-Dreamer-MeWell, here’s my story…

Madras. I still like to call it Madras. It is Chennai now. The bustling metropolis in southern India was my only home until I moved to the U.S at the turn of the millennium. A master’s degree in electrical engineering, a coast-coast move, and a brief corporate stint later, I decided I wanted to write for children. Most of all, motherhood that happened somewhere in between transformed me and my dreams.

Quite ironically, I started out writing for adults. I blogged on multicultural children’s literature sharing resources and reviewing books. I still love to pass on a title or an author to a friend (or a stranger for that matter). Picture books particularly appeal to the inner child in me.

Then, in 2010, the first book I co-authored for children was published in India. I went on to publish three more books, mostly narrative non-fiction.



I believe my life across two continents, the East and West, puts me at a vantage point to tell untold stories. I write on experiences and people less visible in children’s literature. I hope that through these stories children from under-represented communities see themselves in books, and more importantly, that all kids develop empathy that is fundamental to peace. This belief distills in what I usually write about – exploring identity, immigrant perspectives, people and cultures. I also enjoy writing on nature or an undervalued art or tradition.

Besides writing, the need and love for early childhood literacy has me doing story-time based programs for young children for over a decade now. I also dabble in photography. Yoga is my most recent thing, a journey rather. I continue to fantasize about a world with no borders, over steamy chai, that helps me stay warm in foggy Northern California.