School Visits & Author Appearances


I enjoy talking to kids and adults about stories, writing, the themes in my books, and author life. I offer both in-person and virtual visits, and I’m happy to tailor my presentation to suit the needs of the audience. My fee varies based on duration of presentation, group size, location, number of sessions and community needs.

Please submit the contact form below to discuss presentation and audience details, fees, and schedule.


  • MIRRORS & WINDOWS, Building Diverse Bookshelves
    A presentation on how books can be mirrors and windows and how to build diverse bookshelves. I’ll use my own books and many different titles to demonstrate the idea. I’ll follow it up with a read-aloud of one of my mirror-window books. Grades: K-5

  • A WRITER’S WORKSHOP, Elements of Creative Writing
    From idea seeds to story endings, including hook, characters, setting, plot, and story arc, with  prompts and exercises, a hands-on and interactive session in which we’ll review these elements in one of my picture books. Grades: 2-5

  • AUTHOR LIFE, A Book’s Journey
    I’ll share an overview of the process of creating a book, my path to publication, and author life in an interactive presentaion, followed by a picture book read aloud. Grades: 2-7

  • THE POWER OF STORIES & TRADITIONS, How Family Stories & Customs help us heal and rejoice
    Throughout human history stories have played an important role in influencing our minds and moods. Retelling stories and reminiscing memories from our past often soothe our soul and lift our spirits. Customs and traditions connect us to our roots and help us celebrate our heritage and honor our ancestors. A GARDEN IN MY HANDS is a picture book that celebrates the passing down of family stories as well as the custom of applying henna. Through this poignant story, we will discuss the power of stories and engage in beautiful henna arts & crafts. Grades: 2-7

  • LOSS, LOVE, AND HOPE, A Conversation About Grief
    With social-emotional learning valued as an integral part of education and child development, a conversation with kids around loss and grief can be difficult. Through the poignant story in THE YELLOW SUTICASE, we will engage in a dialogue with compassion and hope. Grades: 2-7

  • PASSPORT TO INDIA, A Window Into Life In The Subcontinent
    A presentaion on the geography, diversity, and streetlife in the world’s largest democracy and the second most populous country in the world. We will take a colorful “trip” to experience the smells, sights, and sounds in an outdoor market in southern India. We’ll enjoy the award-winning A GIFT FOR AMMA and several related treasures from India. Grades: Preschool-5

  • BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, An Artist’s Biography And Living Across Cultures
    A celebration of Amrita Sher-Gil, a feminist Indian-Hungarian artist of the early 20th century. Through her art and life story, we will open up a conversation on growing up straddling different worlds – countries, cultures, faiths, homes, passions, identities. We’ll learn what a biography is and about the resources, tools, and research that goes into writing a biography. This will include a reading of BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: THE ART & LIFE OF AMRITA SHER-GIL. Grades: 3-7

  • SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT, A Celebration Of Food, Family, Community, And Cultures
    A trip around the globe, a ticket to different countries including China (Cantonese), Nigeria, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Syria, India, USA (Pennsylvania Dutch), Russia and Italy! As we enter kitchens, cook and count dumplings in DUMPLING DAY, we will experience how the universally well-loved dish is prepared and enjoyed similarly among people from diverse backgrounds. Grades: Preschool-5

Booksellers & Librarians:

Formally trained and having led story times for small and large audiences in several libraries in the Bay Area for over a decade, and as an early literacy educator for many years, I enjoy interactive picture book read-alouds, finger play with rhymes, and singing fun songs for early learning. These days, I look forward to gathering with children and reading my own picture books, talking about the themes, and working on related crafts and activities.

If you’re interested in having me visit your community, please fill out the form below to discuss fee and specific needs.