Early Literacy


My story time based literacy program for young children

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Multiple cities/locations in the San Francisco (East) Bay Area, CA

Early literacy programs create awareness about reading and writing before children begin to read and write. Research has shown that these programs help in the development of vital pre-reading skills that prepare children for a lifelong love for reading and learning.

Print Motivation (getting children excited about books and reading)
Print Awareness (knowledge of print, reading from left to right or right to left, holding a book the right way)
Narrative Skills ( the ability to describe, retell and comprehend what they read)
Vocabulary (knowing the names of things, emotions, and concepts)
Letter Knowledge (identifying letters and their sounds)
Phonological Awareness (knowing the finer sounds in words)

The elements I use to create a literacy-rich story time include –
Finger Play

My theme based story time sessions typically open with a welcome song, followed by some or all of the elements listed above. It will definitely include wonderful age-appropriate read-alouds of books on the chosen theme. Along the way, we’ll discuss interactive reading, how to pick out books, and other literacy related activities – to nurture a love of reading in children beyond the class. The session will end with a good bye song. Lastly there is a stay-and-read time so parents and care-givers can read to their child, so children can “read” some of the other books in the reading list. They can also mingle with other group members and ask questions during this time.

THEMES include:
Concept based (Counting, Alphabet, Colors)
Seasonal (Harvest, Rain, Summer)
Movement oriented (Actions and Finger play)
Nature & Environment (Bugs, Animals, Trees)
Multicultural (Bilingual books, Holidays, Foods, Countries)
Generic Pre-school themes (Vehicles, Farm Animals, Feelings, Food)

Being a mother, an author, and a book reviewer helps me handpick appropriate books and songs that make story times enriching and entertaining. Most of all, watching little ones go wide-eyed at a book or giggle during a song brings great joy to my world!